7:52 AM

Stop Bitching, Start a Revolution

Posted by Skye |

Evan Coyne Maloney remembers back in the day - pre Age of Obama - when dissent was the highest form of patriotism - as described by the Dems:

Dems absolutely believe Bush is Hitler (2005) and these same Dems voted for Obama:

You can find them my area as well - this sign was prominently on display by the CCPM in West Chester, Pa:

Back in the day, Dems were free to label their Republican president as a Nazi with impunity. Today, the only ones making Obama-hitler comparisons today are La Rouch Democrats. The individual who created the Joker image of Obama is neither white or rightwing. Our gun totting American was also not white, no matter how much Contessa wanted you to believe that he was. How could the Dem leadership be so wrong in their condemnation of the mob? If they can't get this right, how can they promise to deliver better healthcare or environmental stewardship when they can't diagnose a problem within their own party?

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