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Arlen Specter's Dilemma

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Kevin Ferris writes for the Wall Street Journal detailing the shifting political climate in Pennsylvania:

The most recent Rasmussen poll shows Mr. Toomey leading Mr. Specter, 48%-36% among likely voters. Just two months ago, Mr. Specter was up, 50%-39%. The same poll has Mr. Toomey beating Mr. Specter's Democratic primary opponent, Congressman Joe Sestak of the 7th district in suburban Philadelphia, in a general election matchup, 43%-35%. In June, Mr. Sestak led Mr. Toomey 41%-35%. In the second quarter of this year, Mr. Toomey raised $1.6 million, just shy of the $1.73 million raised by Mr. Specter. GOP leaders have taken notice. Last month, the National Republican Senatorial Committee endorsed Mr. Toomey, a switch from its early stand-offishness.
This presents a severe blow to both Specter and Sestak, both of whom will have to out 'left' each other in their primary race. Both candidates have to contend with serious trust issues within the Democrat base. A week ago, at the Netroot Nation (formerly Yearly Kos) convention, Specter sold his soul to the Dem party by promising to vote with Dems on all of their pet issue. The problem is, when has Arlen ever kept that promise? The Netroot nation agenda was far more focused on how the DNC can permanently attach their lips to the Union's fanny.

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