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Season of Change

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Tomorrow, September 23 is my 3rd Blogaversary {yeah!} and to mark this auspicious occasion, I plan to close down this Blogspot blog and move to the sparkling new Wordpress platform.

Sound dishy to my dear readers?

MidnightBlue will continue on a newly designed Wordpress platform with lots of bells and whistles. I'm looking forward to creating many years of blogging goodness on this platform.

From the beginning: September 23, 2006 - Change is Good!

Looking to the future - please change your links or bookmarks to http://www.midnightbluesays.com

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MidnightBlue Turns Two!

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A blogaversary is a good day to savor some decadent cake:

Followed by decadent gifts in little blue boxes:

Two years ago, I debuted this blog with a post entitled "Change Is Good".

How Ironic.

Change in the blog world is a necessary part of the medium. In the political world, when a democrat tries to sell you "Change", the correct answer is "Thanks, but No Thanks."

Over the course of two years, I've worked to master emerging blogging technologies, such as video blogs and mobile blogging in order to creatively share my perspective with my lovely readers. This past year, I've been fortunate to have to opportunity to practice these skills on some of the finest material around - The Chester County Victory Movement. Highlighting this year were the bloggers, journalists and Vets for Freedom blokes I've met in the course of my blogging adventures.

Oh, did I tell you - Karl Rove said "Hello" to me at the RNC Convention.

The memories of the past two years are sweet indeed, and I look forward to more in my blogging years to come!

REAL CHANGE IS COMING - November, 2008:

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