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Facts are Stubborn Things in HealthCare

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The Heritage Foundation takes a closer look at a government administered health care system in Oregon. The rationing is going on full speed!

The cost of the OHP far outstripped original estimates so new enrollment in the program was closed from mid-2004 until early 2008, when a lottery-based system was introduced to limit new enrollments.
This Ain't Hell declares Hypocrisy Day at TAH: Democrat Corporate Shills? Impossible!

Cash For Clunkers Folds - but not before Rep. Allyson Schwartz along with a cabal of Democrats spent an additional 2 billion dollars on this boondoggle. Is there a spending bill that Dems won't approve? Oh, yes..funding to our troops.

Sometimes we need a little escape from the madness. I found this great acoustic version of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" over at The Sundries Shack. It is was taped in 1995, but still rocks today!

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