11:35 PM

Coffee Talk with Mike Untermeyer

Posted by Skye |

I've got another edition of 'Coffee Talk' brewing this coming Saturday evening. This coffee talk will feature the Republican candidate for District Attorney - Michael Untermeyer. A candidate who promises to bring 'best practices' to the job as District Attorney. I like that, who wouldn't want evidence based practice as the foundation of the DA's office. You expect that level of quality from your doctor - why not apply the same principles to law enforcement in Philly?

How many times has a politician sat down at your kitchen table to discuss issues that are pertinent to you? It is one of the benefits for subscribing to MidnightBlue. I am working to bring candidates to the kitchen table to discuss issues with their potential constituents. Social Media is the way to take in the candidates hype; sitting at the kitchen table with residents puts the character of the candidate over the hype.

All this served up with delicious pastry and divine java - when was the last time Twitter offered this benefit? Stay tuned folks!

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