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Obamacare - Yea or Nea?

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Rep John Boehner shares an organizational chart of the proposed O-care.

Rep. Kevin Brady noted “This chart identifies
31 new federal programs, agencies, commissions, and mandates that will be in between patients and … their doctor.”

You thought dealing with insurance companies was difficult - you ain't seen nothing yet. Oh, just try pursuing a malpractice claim against a government owned physician group or hospital. You'll have to deal with maze pictured below:

Steven Crowder takes us for a tour inside nationalized healthcare - pay close attention:

I have a relative in Warsaw, Poland who has experienced precisely what Steven uncovered in Canada. A second cousin, Krysia L, was diagnosed with degenerative hip disease and found she was eligible for a hip replacement after a TWO YEAR wait. During this wait, she has had to use a walker and wheelchair to maintain her mobility. Unfortunately, in that time frame, it was discovered her other hip needed surgical intervention. She has paid out of pocket for a private surgeon to correct the second hip, circumventing the need to be put back on another two year waiting list. So much for "FREE" quality care for everyone under a nationalized health system. I was afraid to bring up the topic of infection rates of the surgeons performing these surgeries when I last spoke with her. Who is monitoring the quality of care provided by physicians taking cases on the side for cash? This is exactly what the Dem's proposed healthcare plan will force citizens into - back-alley healthcare.

P.S. The Senate version of the healthcare bill has been released - I've added a sidebar widget that allows my readers to actually READ the bill - far more than your elected representatives will do, I'm sure.

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