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Monday Musings

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Yes, Tiny is just that cute!

Pa Governor, Ed Rendell, has been implicated in New Mexico's "Pay to Play" investigation. This has prompted state GOP leaders to make a ban of the "pay-to-play" a top priority of the Pennyslvania caucus. I'll believe it when I see it, I will be following this story closely.

A new blogger on the block, The 46, has created a great post explaining 'Black Box Deals'. This is required reading, folks.

Go check out RightWingVideo, a new website developed by the creator of RightWingNews, John Hawkins. This is required viewing, folks! Especially Anne Coulter demolishing Matt Lauer.

This Ain't Hell documents yet another O'broken promise . For people like John Scanlon, editor of the Northeast Times, they are learning that the colonoscopy exam they 'endured' during the Bush Aministration will continue without abatement in the Age of B.Hussein Obama. Sucks to be you.

Erik, of Non Pasaran, writes of what happens when a French physician takes a closer look at the M&M statistics of the French healthcare delivery system.

BSG Season 4.5 debutes on January 16th. Who do you predict will be the final cylon. I've my theory, what is yours?

YouTube Senate Hub and YouTube House Hub. What else is there to watch on YouTube?

As we enter into different times, it good to review what lead us here:

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