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Get Thee To CPAC 2009

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CPAC is the place to meet interesting characters like the fellow above.
What can I say, he lives in Paris!

Invited and Confirmed Speakers Include:

Amb. John Bolton – Gov. Sarah Palin – Ann Coulter – Gov. Bobby Jindal – Newt Gingrich – David Horowitz – David Keene – Wayne LaPierre – Rep. Ron Paul – Mitt Romney – Phyllis Schlafly – Robert Davi – Rep. Mike Pence – and many more!

I've just read that my buddy, Ed Morrissey of Hot Air will cover the action from Bloggers Row.

Pajamas TV will be hosting a Conservatism 2.0 Conference at CPAC this year. CPAC Bloggers' Row is also sponsored by Pajamas Media. I've always respected and admired the work of PJ Media!

Why are you still reading this blog post? Get the to CPAC !
Register here for CPAC 2009!

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