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The Pennsylvania Conservative Council (PACC) held its first meeting on Saturday, January 10 in West Chester, Pa. The meeting served as preparation for our inaugural meeting on Saturday, January 24th. The meeting was a spectacular success, with much constructive input from the attendees on the direction and focus of our organization.

We are a grassroot organization that stems from a rich history of Sheepdog activism, integrity and passion. If you have been following the Sheepdog saga you will find familiar faces here. For those new to the story, you can read about the Sheepdogs mission HERE

Our Mission: We promote conservative ideals of limited government, individual liberty, and the rule of law within our political system.

In order to achieve our stated goals:

The membership will actively support conservative candidates at local, state, and federal levels through fund raising, campaigning, advertising and other promotional acts.

The membership will support conservative leadership in our political parties by active participation in root political processes.

The membership will encourage new or different methods for outreach, using all available methods to promote conservatism.

The organization will provide our membership with education, leadership skills and personal development to communicate our shared conservative values.

The organization will endorse and support its members running for political offices at every level.

The organization will partner with other grassroot organizations that further our conservative ideals.

While many Republican politicians and RNC Chair hopefuls talk about getting back to basics and grassroot organizing, PACC has been busy turning that talk into action. After months of planning, We have crafted a mission statement, composed our by-laws, elected a steering committee and put together the framwork that is PACC. We have focused our activities towards letter writing campaigns, seating Republican committee members and running for elected office. No small task, indeed, with guidance from the local GOP and a state legislator we have made significant inroads towards our stated goals. Together we can build a better Republican party.

The steering committee - myself, Sean, Denine, Jason and Summer look forward to working with the membership of PACC to bring Chester County and by extension, the nation, back to good.

Interested? You can sign up for our mailing list HERE.

Photos by: the magnificent Neocon

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