Jonn over at This Ain't Hell makes a salient point of the hypocrisy of the left and their anti-war dogma. Four Americans were killed in this new front in the war on terror:

Rabbi Gavriel N. Holtzberg
Rivka Holtzber

Alan Scherr
Naomi Sherr

Jonn nails it with these observations:

Four peaceful people murdered purely for the shock value - no military goals, no tactical advantage. Just mass murder - and the 200 known dead weren’t enough. The only terrorist captured alive claims they were going for 5,000 dead

Does anyone think that ANSWER or World Can’t Wait or Not In Our Name are going to protest the people who sent the ten chimps out to kill innocent people? Not on your life. A few days ago, I got to listen to the same types defending Bill Ayers’ domestic terrorist activities as a logical result of American foreign policy. They damn sure aren’t going to condemn foreign terrorists.
Locally, will the Sheepdogs be treated to ghoulish displays in memory of these victims of islamic terrorists by the Chester County Prison Movement. Somehow, I think not. Will the CCPM protest against who organized this butchery? Will they protest against America? You betcha.

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