ShoZu. What is it? I can tell you it is not Tofu Turkey, but an integral part of my mobile blogging.

The ShoZu website has a more precise definition :

Shozu means you can share the moment, be it photos or video or a blog. You can send your stuff to friends and family, email or social networks as simply as pressing the button.

ShoZu and I first met when I purchased the 3G iphone. With the purchase of this phone, I lost the ability to send photos and text directly to my blog and Flickr account from my phone. With all the flash and glamour surrounding the iphone, I figured it was a small price to pay for this wonder of modern technology. Humph, you really don’t comprehend the value of a blogging widget until you no longer have use of it.

Desperately missing the ability to mobile blog, I started poking around the Apps Store on the i-phone and found a free and uniquely named application with a description that fit my mobile blogging needs.

This easy to use application has far more capabilities than just a photo up loader, I quickly added a Flickr up loader, a Twitter feed, and my Blogger account. With the ShoZu application, I can Twitter, monitor replies from Twitter followers, upload photos to Flickr including photo tags, descriptions and geotagging. Combining ShoZu with the G3 network, I am now freed from my laptop or desktop in order to blog. All of this from one i-phone application!

Little did I know how huge an impact these features would have on my coverage as a credentialed blogger at the 2008 RNC Convention. Credentialed bloggers at the RNC convention were treated as main stream media, and were expected to fork out between $850 - $52,000 dollars for 4 days of internet access at the Xcel Center. That’s a lot of clams! With the G3 network and ShoZu, I was able to work around this expense and blog from the Xcel center. Sitting in the Xcel Center as Gov. Sarah Palin gave her historic and groundbreaking speech, I was twittering my impressions using ShoZu’s platform. During the four days of the convention, I posted many photos from events in and around the Xcel Energy Center on to Flickr using ShoZu. Without this application, It would have been difficult to get timely stories and photos out to my readers and lurkers on MidnightBlue.

This iphone application is a must have for citizen journalists, bloggers or anyone who wants to share their thoughts with the world.

For more information about ShoZu go to their WEBSITE or check out the Apps store on your iphone.

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