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Sunday with Ferris

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This episode of Back Channels should be titled "Sunday Funnies" - funny but accurate:

Operator: Transition hotline, can I help you?

Caller: Uh, yeah, I've been reading about the transition . . .

O: Yes, sir, only seven more weeks until The One takes the oath!

C: Yeah, really looking forward to it. But I wanted to double-check something.

O: Ask away, sir. We have answers you can believe in.

C: I've been reading about some of the people who are going to help Barack Obama change Washington . . .

O: The One.

C: The who?

O: The One. We don't say Obama. We say The One. We want all Americans to say it, in the spirit of national unity.

C: The One.

O: You've got it. Please tell your friends.

C: You betcha.

O: Oh, now, we don't say that.

C: Say what?

O: That expression you just used. I can't repeat it. This call is being monitored. But we're discouraging its use. We hope to have it officially banned next year, but for now it's just a request.

C: You mean, you betcha?

Who said "The One" is too cool to be made fun of? Hello! There is so much comedic fertile ground with The One, and we only have four years of it before he goes away. We should make the most of the brief time we have with The One.

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