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Gift ideas for the Obama Voter

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In these worsening economic times, I considered presenting my hapless relative who mistakenly voted for Obama with a beautifully wrapped empty box for Christmas. A celebration of all he really offered the voting public.

However, two items have caught my attention as perfect O-Christmas gifts:

Reindeer poop ornaments

LOOMINGTON, Ill. (AP) _ The Christmas ornaments for sale at the Miller Park Zoo's gift shop are partly manufactured by reindeer. Honest!

Staffers make decorations out of droppings from the zoo's two reindeer, Ealu and Rika. The droppings are dried, then clear-coated and either painted or rolled in glitter.

Zoo marketing director Susie Ohley has named the products "magical reindeer gem ornaments," and each comes with a label of authenticity. They cost $5 at the zoo gift shop.

A Planned Parenthood Gift Certificate

"Why not buy a loved one a gift this holiday season that they really need," Cockrum says in a press release LifeNews.com obtained. "The gift certificates are also a wonderful idea for that person in your life who puts everyone else first."

"Please join Planned Parenthood of Indiana and give the gift of health this holiday season," she adds.

According to Chrystal Struben-Hall, PPIN's vice president, buyers of gift certificates can give the gift of death, too.

She confirmed to WISH-TV that they can be used for abortions, even though that's not the intended purpose.

"They really are intended for preventative healthcare. We decided not to put restrictions on the gift certificates so it's for whatever people feel they need the services for most," she said.

Tis the season to be jolly, and I predict a sparkling Christmas at chez Skye!

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