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Dick Morris and Sarah Palin

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Why She Scares Them

Why do Democrats feel so threatened? They've even stopped attacking McCain and President Bush to launch a vicious and sexist barrage at her that would normally make a feminist angry and a Democrat blush. Basically, it's this: John McCain only endangers Democratic chances of victory this November, but Sarah Palin is an existential threat to the Democratic Party.

After Charlie Gibson's interview with Palin, the Dems should start shopping for a new candidate for the 2012 election cycle. This one is done.

Democrats can't stomach seeing the feminist movement's impetus for greater female political participation and empowerment "hijacked" by a pro-life woman who espouses traditional values. They must obliterate her, lest her popularity eat away at their party's core.

So the Democrats are hysterical in their attacks on her. South Carolina's Democratic Party chairwoman, Carol Fowler (wife of a national party chairman), said that the only qualification Palin had for vice president was that she hadn't had an abortion. Tabloids are digging up dirt on Palin's children. And liberal bloggers have suggested that Palin would neglect her children if she were elected (while the Democratic candidate has young children at home, too).

She may become the first woman in national office - yet the Democrats, feminists and liberals can’t control her, and that burns them up.

I see Palin as the 'great illustrator' of the political corruption and divisive nature of the modern feminist movement. The public is getting a good look at the politics of destruction that is business as usual for American feminists and their support network (DNC). With any luck, the 'change' these individuals and organizations have been clamoring for will come to them.

On another note:

What I really want to know is when Matt Damon going to make another movie glamorizing dog racing? Until then, we will have to be content with the Dissident Frogman's take on Matt's unending terror regarding Sarah Palin

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