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Back To West Chester, Pa.

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It was good to be back in West Chester after a two week hiatus.

Group photo by the magnificent NeoCon. You can view more of his genius HERE. My photos of the rally can be found HERE. For those just tuning into this saga, you can get up to speed by clicking on the blogger tag - west chester rally

After experiencing the juggernaut that was the RNC convention, it was refreshing to stand alongside my friends in support of our troops and America. Not far from our thoughts is the support we are sending to the future Madam Vice President's son, Track Palin.

I could not have chosen a better recipient of the Coin than Joe. He is a great example of what is right about America, and it is an honor to have met him.

Thanks to Sarah, we now know in our hearts the RACE is won. Even the membership of the CCPM is beinging to see the light. See Photo Below.

Rich takes a few moments to catch up with the news via the Daily Local.

Yep, that about sums up the issue.

The Other Side:

A favorite place for peace protesters to stash an American Flag: The trash bin.

What does a peace movement director, a swastika, and a backwards peace flag have in common?


As I mentioned earlier in this post, the union representative has acknowledged the McCain Presidency with a preemptive change to his 'worst president ever' sign. All this time, I thought the liberals were against preemptive strikes?

H/T to Yubert via Firedoglake:

cinnamonape September 14th, 2008 at 11:52 am
80In response to yubertenator @ 61

I think the McCain Doctrine is “Four More Wars, Four More Wars”

[Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Georgia…and maybe the N-Ukraine, North Korea, and Taiwan, as well]

Looks like the liberals are already into recycling the same garbage with McCain or anybody with an "R" after their name.

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