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Back Channels: Pelosi Needs To Follow The Tip:

'The speaker of the House I most admire is Tip O'Neill. Despite their differences, he was able to work in a bipartisan way with President Reagan to save Social Security. This was possible because they were both willing to listen and to compromise."

So says Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her new book Know Your Power: A Message to America's Daughters, a tome as thin as her record in Congress. Pelosi spent the last three weeks promoting her book in stores around the country and on cable gabfests.

Ironically, she couldn't get out of Washington fast enough last month for fear of being run down by the bipartisan "Let's Drill Express." Pelosi is well aware that if it comes to a vote, Democrats will join Republicans in supporting a package that calls for offshore drilling, developing U.S. shale oil resources, expanding nuclear power, constructing new refineries, and promoting energy-efficient buildings and vehicles and alternative-energy production.

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