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West Chester 8/16/08

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Our children are wise beyond their years, and everyone is careful to show the youngsters the honorable, ethical and honest way of public debate. Rarely do children stand with the peace protesters. I'm not sure the lack of interest is due to indifference or embarrassment.

Our kids are our future! One of the many things I love about the Sheepdogs is the willingness of our membership to share this uplifting experience with their children and grandchildren.

Their time spent with the Sheepdogs is an important civic lesson for our future and at the same time a bonding experience between the generations. Photos by Sean.

A late summer day is made sweeter when I stand side by side with my fellow sheepdogs! The weather could not have been more perfect for a pro victory rally in West Chester, Pa. I have to take a moment to give kudos to Mark for standing with us S/P emergent appendectomy, he still was wearing his patient identification bands on his wrist when he arrived at our rally. The dedication of our Sheepdogs continues to amaze me! We welcomed into our midst, SPC John Kromer, a combat medic who recently returned from a 15 month tour in Afghanistan.

I've got some great footage from this week and last week's coin pass, I promise to post the combined video as soon a possible.

Interested in joining us? We rally every Saturday at the corner of High and Market streets in West Chester, Pa 11:45am till 12:15pm

I am awaiting Sean's photos of this rally, in the meantime enjoy the B/W goodness:

A jackbooted thug?

Caution: moonbats might induce vomiting. H/T LadySheepdog

Sam Adams - more than a commercial product - an unparalleled patriot.

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