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Convention Update

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Perhaps Dean had a freudian slip -and was referring to his own party - or at least confused by the cues from the credentialed DNC Convention bloggers regarding the 'white' party:

Jim Crow blogging at the DNC

I'm concerned that virtually all of the state blogs selected by the Democratic National Committee to cover Denver are white. Of course, it remains possibly that one of these white blogs will bring a Black person along as a blogger. But, Black bloggers and voters are not willing to wait until we arrive in Denver to find out whether a group of virtually all-white blogs will also send a group of all-white bloggers to Denver.

Culture Kitchen

I honestly do not know what to make of this. These are the 20 liberal bloggers that met with Bill Clinton in Harlem. As you can see, not one of them is black or latino. Bill in Harlem Blogger Photo

Blogger selection issues -

I don't believe there is any way to change the State Blogger process for this year. At this point, the best the DNC can do is acknowledge their selection criteria was clumsy and make sure there are extensive and diverse POC voices in the General Blogger Pool.

Blogging the DNC Convention

There are two major complaints about the selections made: the lack of diversity and the apparent fact that some blogs were chosen over more qualified competitors based on questionable criteria or insider “vetoes.” The overwhelming majority of the 54 state/territory blogs are run by straight white males.

Georgia Unfiltered:

Folks, the case being made here and on African American Political Pundit is that if a group picture of the state bloggers credentialed by the DNCC were taken today, you'd see a photograph with a bunch of white boys and maybe one or two blacks. That, my friends, does not reflect the diversity of the Democratic Party.

Just a quick preview of the Mini-Gitmo being set up outside the Pepsi Center. As far as I know, the inmates at Mini-Gitmo will not be given meals that respect cultural and religious sensitivities, prayer time, medical and dental care or free legal representation. Enjoy!

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