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Sunday's With Ferris

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As much controversy that McCain has stirred up in his political career, I have to say that we both are made from the same material when it comes to standing our ground on issues. It takes a certain strength of character to hold your ground when all around you are pressuring you to 'change'. In both political and personal issues I've been challenged to modify my stance, yet I managed to hold my ground with dignity and class, and I am all the better for doing so. Ferris's Back Channel essay highlights this characteristic of John McCain.

Kevin Ferris: Back Channels: He's Brave and he's Honest.

McCain's own character and judgment were certainly influenced by his naval career and his years as a POW. Those experiences don't automatically qualify him to be president, but they do spotlight the kind of integrity, courage and sense of duty that are needed in the Oval Office.

Start with courage.

That was the first answer I got at last week's town-hall meeting when I asked a supporter why he backed McCain. One word. No hesitation. Courage. There have been no modern-day presidential candidates who were tested under such extreme circumstances as McCain during his years of imprisonment. The only other former POW who was president was Andrew Jackson, held as a teenager by the British during the Revolution. In Hanoi, McCain's integrity and honor passed the tests. He fought back against his captors, despite repeated torture and solitary confinement. He refused an early release - and suffered for it. ,Here's a man who saw evil face to face and stood up to it. He endured the worst that one human can do to another and survived. He understands and appreciates freedom as few can.

That courage has carried over into his political career, with his willingness to stand up for what he believes in, whether the issue is campaign-finance reform, immigration, or other topics that cause some Republicans to wince.

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