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Wrong Way Peace Movement

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What is the “peace movement” doing wrong? My fellow contributor at Flopping Aces took the time to compile a list of shortcomes of the peace movement. His article nails the real agenda of the peace folk as a partisan political tool. I see this in action every weekend in West Chester.
  • It failed to prevent the war in Afghanistan.
  • It failed to prevent the war in Iraq.
  • It failed to change power in the executive branch.
  • It failed to end the war in Iraq.
  • It was duped by Democrats in 2006 who promised “A New Direction In Iraq” without ever having even formed a committee to brainstorm ideas until 2 months after being elected.
  • It failed to prevent The Surge offensive.
  • It failed to stop cannibals in the Congo [and was silent while 4-6million died as UN peacekeepers raped and sold children en masse].
  • It failed to stop the bloodshed in Darfur.
  • It speaks out against the efforts (war) of US forces to protect people from terror.
  • It speaks the same rhetoric as the enemy’s propaganda.
  • It is silent in response to terrorist attacks.
  • It is openly embraced by Islamic holy warriors.

I don’t know, but the fact remains that the Peace Movement seems more a partisan political tool and a carnival than a substantive and meaningful call for action. Perhaps someday it will succeed in bringing peace to a war torn nation rather than support those tearing it apart? Perhaps it would be more successful if it marched and took action against the terrorists?

Read the rest of the essay HERE

One other note: Jules Crittenden weighs in on the importance of Iraq in the global war on terror:

Iraq has become the central battlefield in the 21st century's Islamic war, and may have been destined to be, with or without us. Lying geographically, ideologically, and culturally athwart the Middle East, rich in resources and boiling with rage long before we got there, it is the place where the war will either be settled or truly begun. It is a fitting role for the cradle of civilization to host a war in which the very progress of civilization is being challenged.

And now for some South Park wisdom:

Somehow I don't see the peace protesters agreeing with South Park.... Pity

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