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Just to report to those of you who couldn't make it today...and to thank you who did - today's first-ever "Festival of Flags for Peace" turned out to be truly a joyous, beautiful occasion! We had so much color, so many flags - in addition to Old Glory, ( ed. note: see above) we had flags from Argentina and Germany held by natives of those countries - a United Nations Flag, many "world flags," even Phillies and 76er flags!

Who invited Raid to the party?

Philly IMC: Flag Day in Chester County: calling all colors

Philly IMC:
Flag Day Peace Vigil

Chester County Democracy Caucus:
Pro War Troops Gathers Its Troops

This faux Flag Day observance by the peaceniks was only a temporary diverson from their main interest in the preservation of peace: Domestic Surveillance

I agree, John - I'll ask the Steering Committee by copy of this - send me stuff you THINK WE SHOULD SHARE WITH THE LIST ABOUT THESE FOLKS. We will shine as much light as possible w/out appearing obsessed with them (as they are with us) - just perhaps "Reports on the Militarists" or something like that - I think we can counter this group by making sure all our people know exactly who they are. Periodically, I can issue an e-mail about "what this group is up to" - esp. focusing on any politcal connections.


Karen et al,

I have seen enough of it before. It is straight out of the republican rovian book of political smear tactics. We have seen this tactic in the past. It is being pulled out, dusted off and reapplied not only against the Chester County Peace Movement but also against the Democratic nominee for president, Barack Obama. The links between Rich Davis, Skye, Dee, Karl, etc. of the Chester County Victory Movement with the Republican Party should be documented and put out to the public ......

John Hellmann

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