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Patriotism And The Flag

Herb Deneberg nails the anti-war supporters inability to conceal their hate-America syndrome on Flag Day. Myself and 199 other people witnessed this display first hand at the Flag Day event in West Chester, Pa.

America is undoubtedly the greatest, kindest, most generous, most productive,most decent, most powerful, most democratic, most marvelous nation in the history of the world. Even so, it is the subject of incredible hatred. All the more incredible is that Americans are among those haters. And still more incredible is that those who lead this irrational hatred are among those most advantaged by this great nation. I refer to the leading universities, such as Columbia and their faculties, and the people who populate the mainstream media. Those two, the universities and the mainstream media, have become two of the centers of the hate-America syndrome.

I quite agree with Herb's assessment of our Nation. Over the past several decades, we have cultivated a self loathing pathology among those that have had access to the all the advantages of this nation. It seems quite deep seated within these individuals, and any expression of appreciation of this nation elicits a Pavlovian response of pure disgust among them.

I found only one front-page that met my standards for what Flag Day and Old Glory deserved. I'm happy to report that was The Bulletin. The lead front-page story was headlined, "Victory Movement To Mark Flag Day." The other top front-page story was headlined, "Honoring Old Glory." It refers the reader to an inside account of Mark Twain's trip with pilgrims to the Holy Land. The excerpt reprinted involves the group's thrill at seeing the Stars and Stripes atop an American military ship under steam in the Straits of Gibraltar.

An obvious prop to the paper that employs him, but the lack of Flag Day coverage in the MSM is well documented. And the Sheepdogs were noticed as well! GO SHEEPDOGS!

My own conclusion is that perhaps we have too much anti-Americanism and not enough patriotism. I think we're in deep trouble when we become a nation of American-value illiterates, devoid of the values that symbolize America and made it great, devoid of patriotism, and devoid of respect for Old Glory, the symbol of our freedom and liberty. As Mark Steyn has pointed out, even the criminal and psychotic values of Islamic extremism will trump a society without values or with values it only scorns. If we don't have values and ideals that pay the highest respect to our flag and our nation, we're not only sick but we're doomed to be losers in the greatest conflict of our times.

I am heartened by the knowledge that over the past few years has seen a resurgence in patriotism. Perhaps this will fill the void created by the so-called 'peace-activists' and not allow a more deadly and radical form of Islam to gain a dominant foothold in this Nation.

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