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Do You Suffer From EDD?

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Cialis and Viagra won't cure you of this - but they can't hurt, either.

Empathy Deficit Disorder (EDD) - If first you don't succeed - fake it!

When Lisa was offered a job at an organization she did not want to work at,I said, "Oh, that's a tough spot to be in." When my boyfriend was invited to study abroad, I said,"How do you feel about that?" What I really felt was: "Lisa, that job pays a ton of money, but I guess you can turn it down because your parents are loaded." And, "You selfish bastard, I'll kill you if you go to Europe without me." Still, Lachmann says, I had taken the first step to becoming empathetic -- which is faking it. If you want to act more empathetic, you follow certain steps: Instead of telling people what they ought to do or becoming tyrannically optimistic, you offer sympathy, inquire about feelings, and validate those feelings. You'll be giving comfort to the other person, even if you yourself can't feel what they're going through.

Can you see supporters of al-queda /CCPM/IVAW attempting this philosophy to improve their skills in empathy?

If you work with someone you despise (and who despises you back), and you try to understand why that person dislikes you, then you stand a chance of not hating every minute with her at the office. If you live in a world that you would like to see less divided by ethnic, economic, and religious strife, you'll find that attempting to comprehend the needs of your sworn enemies is a prerequisite to any meaningful action you can take.

Hmm, perhaps Viagra would be a better alternative...

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