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West Chester Rally 03/08/2008

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A rainy day for a Rally - but our sheepdogs are resilient and showed great cheer in the pouring rain. Several new faces joined us, and I salute your tenacity. This was a fabulous day all around.

Due to an engagement that kept me up till early morning and a huge traffic jam on the Turnpike, I was not able to make it to the rally on time. I want to thank the magnificent
NEOCON for allowing me to post his photos of the rally - To know NEOCON is to love him!

In his after action report, Rich relays a common public reaction during our rally: In the photo below, the gentleman in the car is showing Rich the dogtags of his son currently serving in Iraq.

So many great things happened today - my favorite was a man named John Regan, who was stopped at the light about 3 cars back, and got out of his car, and walked in the rain to shake our hands on the sidewalk. And he showed us pictures of his HERO son (also named John) who is in Iraq fighting for us. This man was so appreciative, his eyes were filled with tears. In fact, he took his time, and when the light turned green - he stayed with us to talk a little more, he wears his son's spare dogtags around his neck, he just kept saying, "Thanks for being here - you don't know what this means to see all you people supporting my son, he's behind a 50-calibur machine gun in Iraq right now." And the traffice was behind him and you know what - nobody fussed about it. I think they knew what was going on.

It gets better as the rally moves along: In the photo below, a recruiter briefly stopped to chat with Rich and Sharon. Dealing with the very real threat of abuse by the peaceful folk, thanks to Berkeley, this guy happy to see that not everyone in West Chester drinks the liberal cool-aid.

Speaking of recruiters - two of our membership (Raoul and Bob) traveled to New York City to deliver hoagies to the NYC recruiting office on behalf of the Chester County Victory Movement. The recruiters were gracious and were delighted by our group photo presented to them by Raoul. We are a light ~ we are making a difference!

Tempting...oh..so very tempting:

Sorry, no video.....just a simple slideshow I put together from photos of various rallies. Enjoy!

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