IVAW - Iraq Veterans Against War plan on revisiting past shame by taking a page from the 1971 VVAW Winter Soldier Investigation (WSI). The IVAW is holding its own Winter Soldier Investigation this month at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, MD.

The unverified allegations by the original Winter Soldier Investigation were made famous by John Kerry's congressional testimony where he characterized American soldiers as "razing villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan". Unproven statements from the membership of the VVAW and John Kerry managed to smear the reputation of an entire generation of honorable soldiers. Decades later, Vietnam Veterans are still reeling from the egregious mis-characterization perpetrated by the VVAW.

The Iraq veterans Against War (Formed under Veterans For Peace) are attempting to do the same to this generation of men and women serving in our military. Select IVAW members are scheduled to make statements, and will do so without swearing an oath or signing legally binding depositions, affidavits or official reports. In essence, the IVAW are denying these individuals the basic right of American citizens to due process.

Not these troops - Not this war - Not this time.

Eagles Up along with MAF, R/T and Gathering of Eagles is spearheading a campaign to counter the forthcoming IVAW Winter Soldier Investigation. This video is a compilation of GOE supporters from across the nation speaking out against this upcoming travesty of truth. This new generation of winter soldier's will NOT have the opportunity to smear our troops with impunity. They will be held accountable for their statements.

When faced with a member of IVAW, VVAW or VFP, just gently stop their rant and give them a copy of a
SF-180, and let their record speak for them.

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