It is safe to say, my Poofy Dog is the cutest Pom in the world - way cuter than that polarbear named Flocke:

My, how my hydroponic garden grows. The photo taken was today - 02/23/2008. This garden was set up on 01/31/2008 with a defective lamp hood. The company, AeroGrow International, was quick to resolve the problem and send me a replacement lamp hood and extra lamps. The maintenance done so far - outside of changing the lamp hood - was to add more water and two nutrition tablets. Fresh herbs and vegetables on your countertop - a dream for inner city residents such as myself. I can't wait for the plants to mature - I've got culinary plans for all them.

Kevin Ferris, editor of the editorial pages for the Philadelphia Inquirer, pens yet another fabulous edition to his Back Channels column. This is a must read, folks.

Watch the video, then sign the petition!

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