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BoyScout Hate ~ Philly Style

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Found this gem at the WSJ:

Philly's War on The Boy Scouts - Kevin Ferris

As Michael Nutter was sworn in as the city's 98th mayor last month, he called for a new wave of public service to clean up drug-infested neighborhoods. If he is serious about renewing volunteerism, he'll start by putting an end to the city's campaign against the Boy Scouts.

On May 31, the Cradle of Liberty Council, the local Boy Scout chapter, will be evicted from its headquarters on 22nd and Winter Streets -- a space it has occupied since 1928. The eviction isn't for a breach of contract. It comes at the behest of the City Council, which voted 16 to one last year to kick the boy scouts out unless they reverse the national Boy Scouts of America's ban on gays serving in the ranks or as
scoutmasters or start paying "market rent" -- about $200,000 a year. Local
chapters can't reverse national scouting policies. So it's a matter of paying up
or moving out

This is NOT a 'War' - this is a reprisal. The disagreement is with the adults running the Boy Scouts, but the Council chose to attack the children in order to bring the adults around to heel.

Philadelphia - The City That Loves You Back!

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