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West Chester Rally 02/23/2008

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A recent report of the decline of the CCVM has been greatly exaggerated.

As the remains of a recent snow storm blanketed the city of West Chester, our intrepid band of patriots turned out in good cheer, their smiles melting away the cold. I was pleased to see Frank out in this weather - nothing stops this man! Visitors from the Big Apple made an appearance at our rally, and we look forward to seeing them at future rallies. I want to thank the individual who brought the doughnuts - food is always welcome on our corner.

As usual, my friends did an outstanding job holding their signs and flags, cheering at the number of honks from passing cars. It has come to my attention that there are motorists who make it a point to drive by the intersection every Saturday to honk in support of our troops. We are a light, my friends, we are making a difference.

The VFP groupies redeployed over to the opposite sidewalk, rather than mingle with us. Not sure why, I thought we were cool. However, I am getting the impression that they fear me and my video camera.

Speaking of cameras - I am seriously considering investing in a wide angle lens for the group photos. This weekend I was forced to step out into the intersection to take this photo. The rate our group is growing, I'll have to stand at the cross corner to get the group shot.

I lingered a few moments at the Courthouse making sure everything was neat and tidy before meeting up with the rest of the crew at the Brewery. Our after-rally nosh at the nearby Iron Hill Brewery was delightful. The food, company and conversation are always top notch.

It is prudent to note that not only do we stand on the steps of the Courthouse in West Chester, but the membership of the CCVM is up to the task of maintenance when necessary. I do not recall seeing the membership of the peace movement pitching in to help clear the steps.

It is truly this simple:

Always and always.....no qualifiers....no BUTS...

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