Today, the membership of the Chester County Victory Movement went on a field trip to counter the C.A.V.E people (Citizens Agains Virtually Everything) outside of the district office of Congressman Joe Sestak. The perturbed peace protestors had convened a gathering to send a message to Congressman Sestak informing him of of their displeasure in his vote. Congressman Sestak (D-PA) voted in favor of providing the means for our soldiers to have the weapons, supplies and armor needed to do their job safely and efficiently.

It was a fine morning for a victory rally, and we have never looked better.

This whole time the media has been reporting that al-queda terrorists have claimed responsibility for killing very few of our troops in Iraq. Appparently, the media didn't get the memo below...

Hey, it ain't no anti-war rally till the socialist's represent, hommie!

With their rally behind them, the dejected,unsmiling bourgeois head back for some early afternoon refreshments.

Others reporting on this March:

PrawnWorks. Is it me, or does the girl in the first photo from this report look absolutely terrified? However, I know it could be the poor composition, resolution, ISO or a host of other photographic issues that is the reason for this eyecatching opening photo.

ProgressiveNetwork: I believe we will prevail. 2008 - The Year for Peace.

Iraq Freedom Fact:
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region Division is constructing 142 Primary Healthcare Centers - worth more than $132 million – across Iraq. Currently, 73 clinics are completed and 23 are open and seeing upwards of 350 patients a day. The program, which is 96 percent complete, is expected to close out in January 2008.

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