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Friday's Musings at Blog Talk Radio

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Tonight on BlogTalkRadio I've a special guest: Doc Raoul. He is a forensic expert who dissects the anatomy of the anti-war movement in the United States. I first met him at the weekly West Chester Victory Rally outside the West Chester Courthouse, where he impressed me with his human megaphone style of communicating. Talking with him, I discovered he is a walking wealth of information regarding the roots of the US anti-war movement. Tonight, he will share some of his knowledge with my listening audience.

As promised, here is an outline of the Doc Raoul's talk on The Victory Hour this past Friday. If you have any questions regarding more specific information, please post the question in the comment section:

References are listed at the bottom of this outline.


For anti-everythings, protesting is a Mardigras social, been doing it for 40 years. Meet up with old friends, no dissent, group think, a time to validate themselves. Many are NOT Anti-war, but anti-US - many causes represented at 'peace' rallies - think Amish barn builders.
Use rallies as a way to communicate their grievances against the USA, and not promote peace. Frequently combine Peace AND 'Social Justice' - WTFrak!

Blocked STRYKERS in SEATTLE TACOMA PORTLAND. They support our troops by attempting to block the shipment critical supplies to our soldiers in the ME.

They have taken sides in the war..

World Social Forum 'commiepalooza'.
World Tribunal on Iraq.
Beirut Communiqué.


Cairo December 2002 Egypt (w/Saddam's rep) pre-Iraq liberation
Beirut September 2004 Hezbollah welcome committee
WTI - Jodie Evans, Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues) Goodrich
Italy - Larry Holmes - march 2007 from podium - wwp newspaper.


Small core groups.
Millionaire Marxists/Commies With Credit Cards.
Limited number of actual groups.

1st Tier


UFPJ-WCW-Code Pink/Global Exchange/IOW (Iraq Occupation Watch)

MoveOn..AAEI and Iraqcampaign.
John Bruhns.
No success.
MoveOn seconded DC director

2nd tier

SDS (kill your parents) became Weathermen, Nyack robbery, Sterling Hall, Dix 501(3)(c)
DAWN DC disintegrated DAWN outta business. Black Block/Anarchists/SDSResistance and Solidarity.


Leaders and methods date back to the 60s.
Stalinist - ANSWER - UFPJ
Methods of organizing: Affinity, cluster, collective, coalition.
Lots of infighting among the peaceful folk.
Front groups are backed by professional public relations organizations (blast fax, PR firms)
Groups tend to morph over time - Liberals now call themselves 'progressives'


Appeal to anyone with a grievance
SDS/anarchists/Black Blok & Trash cans shields
Peacocking - merger of individuals and groups to make them look larger.
Lots of new one time organizations.
Use rights to abuse rights. Not honest or reasonable. Protesters protected
Market Grief
Whine about police concierge service.
Counter recruiting - Bruce's Tie Dye and coffin.
Support the Iraqi resistance signs, abused flags, burn soldier effigy in Portland.


F BUSH signs, stickers, shirts, on bodies
Direct Action
Feeder march.
drum circles
spiral dance, stilt walkers, Che shirts, dreds
Raging Grannies

Veterans Day Parades
Congressional Hearings
Rally in DC

America = AmeriKa per VVAW dedication.


Trouble in the peace movement, Code Pink admits frustration.
Media reporting sucks.
STARHAWK/WaPo/Manny Fernandez/Media Cindy Sheehan - Freedom Fighters - F the Pigs - Bus trip vs Arlington
Abuse coffins and flags, smiles at Arlington
Huge F-Bush MF CS sign..but conservatives are not nice
Virginia Rodino
VFP and Katrina Funds
Code Pink and $665K to Fallujah
Code Pink and $10K to Nineveh
Walter reed protests (Troops are terrorists)
In and Out Cindy at Walter reed
Cindy Fast (gain weight) Smoothie, birthday cake, etc.
Jeff Paterson (1st deserter of Gulf War, RCP) - I can't support the troops.
Peace groups never ask for other side (terrorists) to stop, not even a cease fire.
Code Pink and Cathy Wilkerson KA BOOM?


Radical Road Maps

Gathering of Eagles
Free Republic
Third Current of Revolution
Discover The Network
DC Indymedia
International ANSWER
United For Peace and Justice
Beruit Communique
Istanbul Tribunal
World Social Forum

Soldier Burnt in Effigy

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