11:40 PM

Iowa Caucus

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Pennsylvania stepping up to join Mike's America (SC), Flopping Aces (CA) and Conservatism With Heart (MO) in a live chat during the Iowa Caucus.

It was a pleasure to spend time discussing the live results of the Iowa Caucus with individuals from blogs scattered across this great nation.

After Iowa:

Well, you don't have to color me surprised with results of the Iowa caucus.

The Republicans:

The Donks:

What does this mean for both parties: A whole lot of nothing. Although, I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall (with a video camera) at Clinton's post caucus staff meeting.

I find it interesting that Rudy didn't campaign in Iowa, but still garnered support. Ron Paul did, and virtually no one voted for him - viva la revolution - or something like that.

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