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Moblogging Hugh

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Mobile photos taken from the live Hugh Hewitt show at the Constitution Center in sunny Philadelphia. Several Philadelphia area bloggers met up at this event and I look forward to collaboration with them in spreading the conservative viewpoint in the City of Brotherly Love.

After delays in transit, Hugh takes the podium before jumping in to the live broadcast. A very likable fellow, he chatted informally with the audience before the show and posed for photos after the broadcast.
Hugh and his guest - Colin Hanna from Let Freedom Ring described to the audience about a website called 'In Their Own Words". The words of jihadis or hirabah are presented uncensored and without the sanitization that occurs prior to being released to the Western media.
Michael Fitzpatrick, former US House District 8 Representative also made an appearance on the Hugh Hewitt show describing the tactics used by his political rival and how since his victory has voted for every tax increase that came across his desk, voted to defund our troops and defeat in Iraq. So much for supporting his brothers-in-arms during a war. Oh, wait a minute, he IS supporting his brothers-in-arms, they just don't happen to be US and Coalition forces.

Troll is carefully describing his method of wrangling the wayward liberals on his blog and over at ATW. It is similar to the techniques employed when wrangling cats. Sitting beside Troll is his smart and beautiful wife - Grizzly Mama - I believe she taught Troll the finer points of 'debating' liberals. The stunning red head sitting next to Grizzly Mama is the one and only- Jennifer Gallagher - JG to her fans.

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