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Suzie Madrak, an angry Pennsylvania blogger, who pens Suburban Guerrilla has developed the cure for world peace, global warming and her own pathological anger. Well, maybe not, but she has found a way to create a nanny-state scheme.

What Madrak is organizing, instead, is very different: a kind of grass-roots insurance pool to pay for health emergencies of progressive bloggers -- people without whom, she says, Democrats would not enjoy the political success they're now seeing.

Does this mean I'm eligible for this 'insurance' - after all - I am registered as a Democrat. What about conservative bloggers, libertarian bloggers, green bloggers or non-political bloggers? Are their health needs not as worthwhile as 'progressive' bloggers.

Republicans have no need of this scheme, as SuzieQ describes them as:

Madrak, who calls Capozzola her "fairy blogfather," argues that if he'd been a Republican, Capozzola would be alive today. "He would have been in a well-paid think tank job, living the high life (He did, after all, have a masters degree in foreign policy,) - Most importantly, he would have had health insurance for the past six years."
Well paying career - fabulous social life....hmmm...looks like Republicans are having all the fun! Maybe I should switch my registration.

Then again, maybe I won't, as SuziQ further explains her glorious idea - it seemed to get a bit fuzzy in the details:

The fund that Madrak is trying to set up would cover emergencies like Capozzola's. "If you needed to go to the doctor, if you have an abscessed tooth, if you finally got a car and all of a sudden the brakes go -- things like that," she says.
SuziQ originally states the scheme to be a grassroots health care plan. Now she expands it to include emergency car maintenance? Hello! I foresee an emergency wardrobe replacement in my future - will this 'insurance' cover the cost? How many 'emergencies' will it take to bankrupt this insurance scheme and how many nanoseconds will it take for SuziQ to blame Bush for the failure of her glorious plan for the people?

UPDATE: Steve, blogger extraordinarie of Target Rich Environment has created the ultimate bloggers union:

If I were starting a bloggers’ union, it would be called the Bloggers of the World Unite, or the Blobblies, and I’d expect the following minimum benefits and compensation:

  • Equal pay for all bloggers who pay their dues, regardless of the amount of traffic generated.
  • Plenty of coffee (fair trade organic certified).
  • Plenty of breaks to clean up after PSH’s (aka Pants Sh*tting Hysterics) (link).
  • Credit for postings that have at least one word original to the union blogger.
  • A uniform allowance for Che Guevara t-shirts and ripped jeans.
  • A full pension plan, paying double what I made and more than was ever paid into the system.
  • I’d offer modest amounts of posts (so I don’t get yelled at by other bloggers for working too hard), and if I had a grievance that brought things just short of a strike, suddenly the entire union would conduct a work slow-down or “sick-out” action.
  • Free therapy for myself, my spouse, and one child (the blobblies have to be zero population growth-minded).
  • Paid personal time for therapy.
  • Personal time and paid admission to each Michael Moore film that comes out (counts for Continuing Education Units from the professional standards committee).
So, where can I sign up???

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