All photos in this series were graciously shared with me by NeoCon - aka - Richard. It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet Richard at this event. He is an affable individual with a great sense of humor.

While Hugh was stuck at the airport, the bloggers took to the stage. Monica, Skye and Troll posing for photos while entertaining the crowd. Looking out over the assembled crowd, I wondered if there were any liberal leaning reporters trying to get a scoop while 'stumping in enemy territory'. I would have relished the opportunity to meet him or her at this event.

Hello there! Someone has given Troll the microphone - as if he needs one! With his wife looking on,Troll impresses the audience and Hugh Hewitt with his commentary. As for myself, I'm simply sitting back and enjoying the show - very quietly.
Philly area bloggers pictured from L to R:

Jennifer Gallagher: Now for Something Different
4 Inch Heels: The Bill T Blog
Dr. Frank
Skye: MidnightBlue & Ancora Imparo
Troll: The City Troll
Hugh Hewitt
Monica: Grizzly Mama
Bill: The Bill T Blog

It was a great pleasure to meet other Philly bloggers at this event - I hope this is the beginning of a Philadelphia area conservative blogger network. We need to organize as there is much to be fixed in the City of Brotherly Love.

What is the difference in this picture??

Hmmm, I've got my intense stare going on - we must have been discussing Battlestar Galactica.

Monica and Patrick (Troll) pose in front of the WNTP banner advertising their radio personality lineup. If only we had more of these on-air conservative talk shows in Philly, perhaps the citizenry would stop booing Santa, evicting the Boy Scouts and contenting for the title of
'Murder Captial USA'.

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