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BSG 3.04 Exodus Part 2

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The crew of the Galactica and the insurgents on New Caprica coordinate their attacks in a daring attempt to liberate the stranded humans from their Cylon oppressors. But as the Cylons begin to lose control of the situation, they start to consider a drastic and brutal final solution to the crisis.

Official Drink of Exodus part 2:

Midnight's Temptation

3 cl apricot brandy liquer
2 cl ruby port
2 cl heavy (double) cream
2 cl Kahlua

Pour the apricot brandy,port and cream into a shaker with ice. Shake. Strain into a cocktail glass. Gently float the Kahlua on top.

Drinks and episode discussion to follow.


Favorite scene: The Galactica's atmosphere jump into NC and inferno viper launch. Frak Me - This is the stuff that legends are built upon.

For those of you that just joined the party or those who want to experience the thrill over and over again, here is a look at that atmosphere jump:

The opening scene between Lee and Dualla proved yet again they act more like office mates than a married couple. I loved the conflicted Lee (Adama the Hutt) in this scene, it proved to me that he still has some sort of a conscience. My question is: Why argue to leave the New Caprican's behind, then feel guilty with your decision? I guess Lee is human after all. Dualla, on the other hand, was quite comfortable with the decision to leave Galactica and the settlers of NC to their fate. Again, I picked up a little more of her Papa Adama crush in her little pep talk, where she attempted to convince Lee of the importance of the future Adama legacy over the fate of the Galactica and the settlers of NC.

Their Kiss - Most. Awkward. EVER. I cringed when that kiss occured. Can Ron Moore put a rush order on a divorce storyline for these two - I really want to get back to liking both these characters INDIVIDUALLY.

Oh gods, Tigh...he murdered his wife! My spoiler sources gave away the demise of Ellen, as well as her affair with the Cylon Cavil. I knew she was red shirted, but I never thought it would be this way. Never. Can someone show this scene to the Emmy committee?

"Leave." Baltar's answer is classic *cough*democrat*cough response when queried by Three "as to what would you have us (the occupiers of NC) do". Interesting conversation between Baltar and Three regarding hate, civilization and the stories passed down to children."Blood for Blood, it has to stop one day"...erm..can someone send this memo to those frakked-up islamofascists and thier liberal supporters.

The rescue mission is on! Can I repeat how frakking awesome the Galactica atmosphere jump was???

Kara is finally found! Anders rescues Kara, only for her to grab his knife and run back to her prison. Leoben is an absolute psycotic bastard - then again - what wouldn't you do to save child you believe is yours?

Love how Laura reclaims Colonial One. Can't shake the feeling that Laura wants to keep Hera safe because of Hera's cancer-curing blood.

Big G gets into a world of trouble, and here comes Pegasus to the rescue! I knew Lee would ignore Dualla's little 'pep' talk about never, ever going back.

Farewell Pegasus...good hunting.

Our little ragtag fleet is reunited, Saul greets Adama, Roslyn finds her personal cancer cure is not accounted among the survivors and Kara discovers Kasey has never was her daughter. Oh gods, poor Kara. Did anyone see Cally back onboard Galactica? What about Jake the dog?

With the sweetness, comes the bitter and this episode took that idea to the nth degree. I am so looking forward to the rest of this season to see how far this rabbit hole goes.

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