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Why Vote Republican?

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"Friends don't let friends vote Democrat."

As seen over at Chatterbox Chronicles:

This video certainly highlights the crass attitude of the Democratic leadership towards the Republican party. A fine example of politics at its worst. Who would be attracted to this type of leadership? What are the everyday, garden variety of Dems thoughts on politics and the nation in general?

A quick scan of the blog
"The Smirking Chimp" revealed viewpoints that closely dovetail the Dem leadership, and are far more entrenched in vitriol. Below are some quotes I selected that really give a good feel of their point of view.

This is live and in living color, people:

"In the two years since the fraudulent defeat of John Kerry, we've unearthed an unholy arsenal by which that election was stolen." Harvey Wasserman

"Recently, when Al Franken came to the Crest Theater in Sacramento, I was there with a large sign that said, "Impeach Bush." When a couple of old guys (who wore the hats of WWII veterans) walked by me, one said, "Impeach? Hell, kill the b*stard!" Several people standing nearby broke out in laughter. I laughed too..." Stephen S. Peary

Boycott ExxonMobil - Buy CITGO. Go to the CITGO web page to locate a station near you. (Yes, CITGO is owned by Venezuela. Read Balles article for his comment on Chavez) - Sanford Russel

"And to think that such people call themselves "Christians"! Yeah, that REALLY SOUNDS JUST LIKE that "Christian love" that neocons are ALWAYS blabbing about! Never mind the fact that such "love" is only reserved EXCLUSIVELY for White, straight, monogamous, rich, uber-conservative, fundie Christians who worship El Chimpo and the ground he walks on like he's the Second Coming of Christ, and who basically say "YES BUSH!! THANKS YOU BUSH!! CAN I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER?!?!". - Animal

There are days when I am embarrased to call myself a democrat. I cringed as I read posts on this blog - these are not my people, these are not my viewpoints. This hatred and rhetoric are not what the DNC was all about once upon a time. I honestly don't know any other way the DNC can regain its sanity outside of a full regime change or exorcism. Paging Father Merrin- STAT.

Until the DNC can get its act together to produce viable alternative solutions to the various complex situations facing the United States, I will continue to support a strong Republican party and their candidates.

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