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Tax away Global Warming....

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Anthropogenic global warming is a myth, yet it hasn't stopped our good socialists friends from finding new and creative ways to validate increased taxation to 'fight' this imagined global warming meanace. One positive benefit from this scheme would be that taxing the EU out of existance will be a signifcant stride in combating 'global warming' worldwide.

Holidaymakers could be hit with a "global warming" tax of up to £50 under plans aimed at forcing airlines to reduce gas emissions.
Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett said the new charges should be imposed by as early as 2008 or Britain will be thrown into "climate chaos".

In a keynote speech, Mrs Beckett urged Brussels to speed up plans to enforce the levy on airlines to encourage them to fly more fuel-effecient planes and deter people from travelling by air.
The cost is almost certain to be passed on to holidaymakers as budget airlines would be worst affected by what the aviation industry describes as a "tax on holidays".

Experts say the scheme could put £50 on the cost of flying from London to California, £35 on tickets to New York and between £5 and £10 on flights within Europe. Mrs Beckett used her speech in Berlin to up the pressure on Germany - which is taking over the presidency of the EU - to speed up progress on combating global warming.

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