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Tea Party 3 - Independence Hall - July 4th

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The July 4th Tea Parties have gotten off to an early start -
Instapundit is reporting 5,000 patriots attended the Marietta, GA Tea Party and 4,000 patriots at the Cobb County Tea Party. The Houston Tea Party organizers estimate 5-10,000 patriots attended their rally. The Las Vegas Tea Party was a rousing success!

July 4th - Philadelphia - Independence Hall:

Over 1500 in attendance celebrating the freedom granted by our Founding Fathers in the place were our Nation was born. I am happy to report that the videos I shot at this Tea Party were broadcast live in Dallas and on Breitbart TV - Thanks to all who took a moment to share your thoughts about the meaning of today's TeaParty!

Tom Rice - 2009 Franklin Award Winner:

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