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The Palin Principle

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What a game changer from Governor Sarah Palin:

Dahn Riehl echoes my thoughts:

Just listened to the video. My take - she's not done and will look to go national in some way setting up for a possible 2012 run.
American Power posts a brilliant analysis of Governor Sarah Palin's announcement.

Rivka blogging at Conservative With Heart observes that Palin is breaking the mold..again!

She is a woman of great potential - as startling as this move was, she is now free to fund raise for Conservative candidates across the nation. There is no doubt that Sarah Palin will be the person to watch as we move closer to 2012.

A good friend of mine had this to say about Governor Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin epitomizes what it is to be an American Patriot. Even if we can’t all agree on whether or not she is ready to be our Commander-in-Chief (I happen to believe she was born ready), we see in her a leader with integrity, principles and conviction.
No wonder the left hates this woman - she is the antithesis of their entire belief system. She is the new face of feminism, a woman who does not need the mantle of perceived victimhood to succeed in every aspect of life.

Ric Lock composed a stunning compare and contrast regarding the phenomenon that is Sarah Palin:

Stereotype: Womyn are good Progressive Democrats.
Reality: Sarah Palin is a Republican.

Stereotype: Only Democrats give power to Womyn
Reality: Sarah Palin is not just a Governor, she’s Governor of a State where the Governor has real power.

Stereotype: All manly men are part of Teh Patriarchy, dedicated to preventing Womyn from achievement and deeply resentful of anything resembling a subordinate position.
Reality: Todd Palin is a manly man with a manly occupation; nevertheless he seems quite cheerful and accepting that his wife's occupation is much higher on the social scale than his.

Stereotype: Good Progressive Womyn are supposed to abort their babies to prevent career difficulties, especially if they might have medical problems.
Reality: Sarah Palin has several (three?) children, the latest of which has Down's Syndrome, and seems perfectly capable of handling her duties as Governor despite any child-care difficulties.

Stereotype:Patriarchal manly men don't participate in child-rearing; they force the Womyn in their lives to do it all, which is why Progressive Womyn have to avoid childbearing if possible.
Reality: Todd Palin apparently participates wholeheartedly in child-rearing.

Stereotype: Winger dupes of the Patriarchy are supposed to be disgusted with childbearing out of wedlock, call such girls sluts etc., and cast them out.
Reality: Bristol Palin is an unwed mother. The Palin family (all of them, including Todd and the grandparents) has been supportive.

There is more, but you get the idea the whole Palin family is a direct challenge to the Leftoids bigoted (yes, that’s what it is), stereotyped notion of what a family of right-wing God-botherers should be. Just one aspect of that, the legions of Womyn who left child-bearing off until later and now have psychological problems with it, cannot be borne in any way and must be rejected in toto.
This country needs strong female leaders like Sarah Palin - the feminist movement is dead, replaced with misogynists. There are no strong female liberal democrats that can hold up to close moral and ethical scrutiny in our age. Sarah Palin has become the standard bearer of liberated feminists and is the litmus test of this new and vibrant feminism. Whenever you encounter a feminist, just say the words 'Sarah Palin', if their carefully botoxed face melt into an unrecognizable distortion and invectives start spewing from the hole where their mouth once resided - congratulations - you've just outed another misogynist For best results, they should be ignored by all sane individuals.

I look forward to the continued progress of Governor Sarah Palin in the conservative movement. She is not playing politics as usual, I am so proud of Sarah Palin.

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