When a clear case of voter intimidation is presented and the defendants happen to be a supporters of the Obama administration - poof - the DOJ dismissed the case.

Rep Joe Pitts (R-PA) observes in an article written for NetRightNation Blog:

The facts surrounding the case are not in question. A video of the two men is available on YouTube, where more than a million people have viewed it. Bartle Bull, a civil rights activist who worked with Robert F. Kennedy in an effort to secure voting rights for black voters in Mississippi during the 1960s, was present at the polling place that day and has been quoted as saying it was "the most blatant form of voter discrimination I have encountered in my life."


Yet now, political appointees at the Justice Department have stepped in and ordered the suit dropped. Apparently this Justice Department has no problem with voter intimidation or politicization of justice.


With this move, the Justice Department has made clear it does not take voting rights seriously. It has indicated that threats and racist insults are acceptable behavior at our nation’s polling places.

Welcome to the Age of Obama.

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