Melissa Clouthier turns up the heat on RWN with a list of the 10 sexiest guys on the right. is good to right these days.

I've a few edits to Melissa's magnificent list. I'd bump the bad boy - Brooks Bayne - he's libertarian and won't let me follow him on Twitter. Your outta here!

I'd replace Brooks with a real man and real conservative: Sean Carpenter

One cannot get through the day with out a dose of Caleb Howe. The guy is a remarkable investigator and kindred soul. You must get to know him.

The SWCC guys should be at the the top any list - they are heroes and world class gentlemen. When they visited Philly last year I was able to interview them and go for a ride in their super fly Mark V.

Photos by the magnificent Neocon and Skye

DO NOT FORGET THE FRENCH! Well..actually Danish....Erik Svane of Non Pasaran!

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