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Linky Love Monday

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I have to give props to the uber-linker Donald Douglas who writes at American Power. This weekend he posted a bewildering number of blogs to adore, er, follow. Wow! I'm just getting by with a post or two a day - this man is a machine! Brilliant thinker to boot!

You must stop whatever you are doing, including reading posts on this blog, and watch this video called the Dowd Conundrum. Bill Whittle is the smartest man alive.

The greatest Pirate of them all - William Teach has the wisdom and intellect that brings me back time and again.

Ed Driscoll - my main link source on PJ Media. When you surf on to his blog you find all kinds of interesting stuff - The Geography of Jobs is an illuminating look at job growth and loss in major markets across the US spanning the years 2004 - 2008.

The boys of This Ain't Hell - how can I add to their brilliance? You know you have arrived when cowards make anonymous threatening phone calls - "Keep my name off your blog or we settle up in person"

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