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20,000 Cheer Sarah Palin

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We never need to fear that though we’re not a perfect nation, that we must apologize for being proud of ourselves. Gov. Sarah Palin

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was a guest of honor in New York for the city of Auburn Founder's Day honoring William Seward. Who is he? As Cabinet member of President Andrew Johnson he presided over the purchase of Alaska from Russia, at the time the purchase was labeled "Sewards Folly".

Before the festivities started Governor Palin, her husband, their daughter Willow, her sister and nephew attended a breakfast event at Bistro One.

One of about 40 in attendance at the breakfast was state Assemblyman Gary Finch. Finch said Palin gave a nonpolitical talk, and she expressed gratitude to the local community for inviting her.

Finch said that Palin, who brought her husband, Todd, daughter, Willow, her sister and nephew along, made sure to speak individually with each person at the event.

“She certainly conveyed to everyone that she is very glad to be here,” said Finch, who will also participate in Saturday's festivities.

“She was very real, very genuine,” Finch said.

After breakfast the Palin group toured the Harriet Tubman Home, Women's Rights National Historic Park, and Women's Hall of Fame. Later that day, she led a parade, cheered on by 20,000 spectators, and finished with the remarkable speech I've posted below.

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In case you were wondering:

"She makes me think of Ronald Reagan," John Adams said.

"For the first time since Reagan, I've found a candidate that ... sounds like Reagan and that has some Reaganesque qualities," said Adams, 56. "She's not the speaker Reagan was, but she believes the same things Reagan believed and talk that way, and that inspires me."

Erin Adams said Palin shows that a conservative woman can get respect.
I absolutely agree.

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