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The Sean Carpenter I know

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Note: The really spectacular photos are posted with permission from Neocon.

I want to take some time to speak on behalf of a good friend of mine who happens to be running for a seat on the West Chester Area (WCA) School Board. You can read about his candidacy and his fellow running mates at Vote 4 Great Schools. It has been my pleasure to work with Sean on various projects - American Sheepdogs, A Hero's Welcome and Warriors Watch to name a few. This is a man who takes a keen interest in his local community, relishes being a father and is a trustworthy friend. Below are photos of Sean and his work that further illustrate his character:

The photo above always makes me laugh! It captures a time when I was not too comfortable about this interloper at the Sheepdog rally sporting a Pentax camera. Who shoots with a Pentax these days? I made it a point to let him know, in my own sweet way, that I was watching him. Sean responded by offering me a bottle of root beer, claiming it was the best stuff on Earth. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

Oh, about his camera, I quickly found out he is a Ninja photographer, and I mean that in the best possible way! Okay, so you can take phenomenally good photos with a Pentax, I got it, lesson learned. What does being a good photographer have to do with his character or his candidacy? It means everything to a soldier returning home to his or her family and illustrates Sean's abilty to serve for something greater than himself. This type of activity has been labeled as 'radical' by the WCA School Board president, Jim Smith. What is so radical about welcoming a soldier home?

Sean smiles as he shows off his photo used in an advertising campaign for A Hero's Welcome. It is one thing to want the troops home and another thing entirely to act on those words and welcome home a soldier. Sean's selfless donation of his skill in photography captures the welcome home of a returning soldier in a way that words fail. This is but one example of where he leads by example, not empty rhetoric.

Regardless of any religious belief, Sean wants this country to succeed. He understands that we, as citizens, can play a crucial role in its success. As a father he recognizes our future success lies in the hands of our children. With these two motivators, he is ready to forge a better future for our children as a member of the WCA School Board. His embrace of forward thinking, evidence based strategies and an innate ability to lead is just the antidote to a school board entrenched with members more interested in their political future than a child's future.

Over the course of two years the Sheepdog group has slowly formed into a family, and like all families, we have had an occasional squabble. Over the past two years, Sean has adopted the mantle of peacemaker during such times. He has a way of seeing to the heart of the issue and calling out the BS. This trait will be a benefit to the students in the WCA school district, and a detriment to those interested in maintaining the status quo on the school board.

There is much Sean and his running mates bring to the table in their bid for the school board seats. I hope my story has elightened my readers and potential voters for the upcoming primary on May 19th. This is your chance to "Vote 4 Great Schools".

Lately there has been a public and not so public whisper campaign waged against Sean Carpenter and his candidacy for a seat on the WCA School Board. More details will be posted soon.

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