Current and former Mayors of West Chester have stepped up and endorsed Vote 4 Great Schools Candidates:

In this coming Primary Election, May 19th, there is an important race for four positions on the School Board that governs the West Chester Area School District. Fortunately, there are four candidates running for the School Board that we are convinced possess the requisite qualifications and background experience to serve the School District’s constituents in a very capable and effective manner.

Having met with and interviewed these four candidates, we both are totally impressed with the range of experience and their individual qualifications that will ensure their effectiveness as School Board members. We heartily and quite willingly support and endorse their election. John Wingerter, Heidi Adsett, Maria Pimley, and Sean Carpenter have the interest, knowledge, dedication, and drive to be fair and open representatives with the best interests at heart of students, faculty, and parents, as well as all of the constituents that reside in the West Chester Area School District.

Find out for yourself just how positive the candidacies of these four individuals are by visiting their website at After you become aware of their biographies and qualifications, it will be clear that our School District is indeed fortunate to have John, Heidi, Maria and Sean as candidates for the School Board who are willing to volunteer their services to represent your best interests and the overall interests of the West Chester Area School District.

Richard B. Yoder

Mayor (2002 to present)

Thomas A. Chambers

Former Mayor (1978-81; 1986-93)

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