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President Palin's First 100 Days

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President Palin...that phrase just feels so right!

Victor David Hansen takes a closer look at how the press would have characterized her first one hundred days in the White House.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The first 100 days of the Palin presidency, according to a consensus of media commentators, have proven a near disaster. Perhaps it was Palin’s scant two years’ experience in a major government position that has eroded her gravitas, or maybe it was her flirty reliance on looks and informal chit-chat. In any case, the press has had a field day, and it is hard to see how President Palin can ever recover from the Quayle/potatoe syndrome. Here is a roundup of this week’s pundit mockery.
I'd say she would just be too cool to be made fun of as POTUS.

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