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Annoy a Femist Week ala Stacy McCain

Posted by Skye |

Stacey McCain has organized an "Annoy a Feminist Week"

Bloggers: I hereby declare this National Offend A Feminist Week. Your expressions of reactionary, oppressive, patriarchal, misogynistic traditionalism are solicited. Search your mind, search the Internet, and come up with a post guaranteed to make Jessica Valenti and Amanda Marcotte even angrier than usual.

Hmmm, I would also add Susie Madrak to the list of perpetually unhinged prog-lib women. Hell, I'd make her #1 on the list.

Annoy a Feminist: Take a feminist mantra and claim it for conservative women worldwide:

You really don't need a translator to understand this video, unless you are a prog-lib feminist:

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