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Trudy Rubin Compromises Gen. Petraeus

Posted by Skye |

While Back Channels takes a vacation this weekend, Trudy compromises her principles on war and potentially compromises the security of Gen. Petraeus:
So, I sat down with Petraeus in the venerable but far-from-fancy Fairfax hotel in Washington where he was staying, to ask why Americans should support this war, and what it would take to win it. (I am leaving on a trip to both countries this week.)
Note the new turn of phrase "why Americans should support this war" after years of questioning the wisdom of liberating Iraq and what it would take to leave ASAP. Interesting. Safety tip #1 while traveling - it is never wise to share the name of your hotel with a stranger, yet Trudy revealed the hotel General Petraeus stays while in DC. I believe there would be some not-so-nice cough*terrorists*cough who would be interested in that piece of information. Thanks Trudy, for doing your patriotic duty.

PS: Go google the article if you interested.

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