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April 15th - Tea Party Day

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Stay updated with all the Tea Party rallies at PJTV and Tax Day Tea Party

Harrisburg, Pa

Hundreds brave the rain to let their opinion be heard at PA State Capitol building:

Philadelphia, Pa - Love Park
Carol Klein reports:
Have photos but having trouble transferring. Fox National News, Channel 6, 3, 10, & Fox 29 were there. Suzanne Haney spoke as well as being dressed in colonial garb and passing out tea bags. The Philadelphia Bulletin's Bob Reed was taking photos and Brad Vasoli was reporting. Also ran into Kevin Kelly sporting a Ronald Reagan "Tea"Shirt. Ran into two of our Sheepdogs, and several of our Saturday Morning in America Ladies as well as a few ladies from Conservative Allies. Best of all there were lots and lots of wonderful Americans with terrific signs and loud collective voices. As Chris C., one of our Sheepdogs, stood on a perimeter wall in Love Park, cars were passing honking their horns and giving us thumbs up--Teaparty On!!!!


West Chester, Pa where hundreds spent their lunch hour at a Tea Party!
Photos via Humble Infidel:

Phoenixville, Pa

Bob G reports 300 have gathered in Pheonixville, Pa for a Tea Party. Will update with photos and video as soon as I come across them.

BrotherTuck posted photos from the rally on Flickr

Video as well:

Washington DC

This Ain't Hell and posse (TSO, Lt. Nixon, Concrete Bob, Superbowl6Romeo and Age of Hooper) covered the Tea Party in Washington, DC. Crowd estimates fell around 500 before the downpours thinned out the crowd. Photos: Jonn Lilyea

Syracuse, NY

Blogger and commenter on MidnightBlue, Mike Trani, attended the a Tea Party in Syracuse and shared his photos of the event. Photo by Mike Trani:

Kansas City, Mo

Widely respected blogger, Dee Vantyul, is a scheduled speaker at the Tea Party in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm looking forward to her report of this event, and will post it on MidnightBlue as soon as it is available. Don't forget to check out the website Kansas City Tea Party

Dee's Video:


John Ruberry of the venerable blog, Marathon Pundit, submits his report on the Chicago Tea Party.

What a difference six weeks make. I was pleased when 400 patriots showed up to protest high taxes and Barack Obama's expansion of government--in the president's hometown on February 27.

But today at noon over 2,000 freedom lovers showed up in Chicago's Loop to do the same thing--only more loudly.

American and "Don't Tread on Me" flags, signs--both handmade and professionally printed, people wearing patriotic garb, as well as boisterous "USA" chants all added to the festival atmosphere at the Kluczynski Federal Building Plaza.

Urban Infidel covered this rally that featured Newt Gingrich and Hip Hop Republicans. Quoting the Infidel: "I have never seen so many people turn out for an event like this before here in New York City. There were thousands!"

Cincinnati Tea Party

Houston Tea Party

Melissa Clouthier, conservative blogger and fellow 'rightwing extremist,' reports on the Tea Party in Houston:

The crowd was diverse. Imagine: There are black people who judge President Barack Obama not by the color of his skin but by the content of his policies. I know, it’s hard to fathom when you’re steeped in identity-politics and every position is defined by your gonads, skin and sexual identification, but can you at least try to imagine that there is diversity of thought in this country still?
Can you see why she simply rocks!

American Power: Atlas is Shrugging
The Other McCain: BamaTea
Sundries Shack: Tax Day Tea Party Roundup & Rove!

St. Louis Tax Day Tea Party

Stix reports from St. Louis:

Well, I just wanted to say that had a great time at the Tax Day Tea Party at Keiner Plaza in downtown St Louis. There were people from all walks of life, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, old, young and all in between.

I will most likely have a bigger post about this tomorrow since the Blues are playing right now.

But the Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere was the emcee and did an excellent job. We had a great rendition of the National Anthem and a prayer bt Dana Loesch’s husband.

My friend Jim at Gateway Pundit was on of the speakers and did a great job:

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