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Closing Gitmo a Bad Decision

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A gem from West Chester's Daily Local: Closing of Gitmo a Bad Decision

"......with Obama's decision to close Guantanamo, we have established the precedent that if enough people lie, we will change our policies. It is dangerous enough when it applies to domestic policies; now we see how easily this administration will allow it to impact our military.

There is nothing to stop the left from falsely destroying any other operation our military undertakes, and Obama's decision shows he is in a lockstep march in that direction. This only puts our military in more danger, and because of it, America in jeopardy."

"A lie told often enough becomes truth" Vladimir Lenin. It seems the left have mastered this lesson from Lenin. One wonders if truth matters to Obama-liberals.

Caleb Howe recently interviewed Commander Lippold after he and family members of terrorist victims met with Obama. The Commander had the following to say about Obama's plans to close Gitmo:

“One of the questions the families were very focused on, and one which many of us at Redstate have been focused on, is what is going to happen to the Gitmo detainees going forward? I asked Commander Lippold if during this meeting the President was able to convey that he has a plan for dealing with all the detainees, and he said the President doesn’t seem to have an answer for that. He adds that the 1-year timeline for closure of Gitmo was “putting the cart before the horse” given that the administration hasn’t sorted out what to do with them.

Is this another example of Obama shrugging off this problem as being above his pay grade? The inattention to the details of this issue by the CIC should shock people. Where will the terrorists go? One by one our European allies are pulling support for rehoming these terrorists on their soil. Which state will Obama have to force to home the terrorists? Pa being the exception, although, I would support the terrorists being homed with families that voted for Obama in Pa.

Why Close Gitmo at all?

Melanie Morgan reports on exerpts of a recent study ordered by this administration:

The report, part of which was leaked today, shows that Gitmo “complies with the humanitarian requirements of the Geneva conventions” and that the prisoners are treated with dignity. A Pentagon official, who spoke anonymously, said that it showed that the Bush administration created a humane detention camp that has been unfairly characterized by critics. Speaking of the remaining 245 detainees there, this official said the report underscored that if the men are moved, they may “go from a humane environment to a less humane environment,
Melanie has spent more time touring Gitmo that the President. Yet Obama would act in such a way that endangers American lives in favor of currying political support. First he steals our tax dollars, now our lives? Is this the change you voted for?

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